• 1. I promise to return the golf cart to the location agreed upon immediately upon completion of the rental period in the same condition I received it. I will operate the golf cart safely and responsibly, and I will preserve and protect the golf cart from loss or damage to the cart itself, my person, or property, and the persons or property of others. I agree to use the locking devices provided to prevent theft and if I fail to do so I will be subject to liability if theft occurs. I agree to obey traffic laws and signs while operating the golf cart. I agree that I will only drive on the roads permitted for golf cart travel as determined by the city of New Port Richey’s Ordinance #2021-2231. I agree and understand failure to comply with the terms of this agreement will result in the forfeiture of my rental fees and deposit. I agree to be legally and financially liable for all costs of repairs to the golf cart and for the loss, damage, and/or injuries to my person or property and the persons or property of others regardless of fault. I agree to reimburse the golf cart owner for such unrecovered costs, including but not limited to deductibles and any uninsured losses. 
  • 2. I agree to hold harmless, defend, and indemnify New Port Richey Golf Cart Rentals, LLC., for any and all damages and claims of any nature whatsoever that may arise from the use of said golf cart during the time of the rental period, including but not limited to claims for damages to the golf cart itself, my person and property and the persons and property of others. 
  • 3. I agree to become familiar with the operation and use of said golf cart, to read the GOLF CART RULES AND OPERATING INSTRUCTIONS, as well as the maps of the permitted roads and any other instructions provided to me regarding the cart, and to operate the golf cart in accordance with said instructions. I agree to contact New Port Richey Golf Cart Rentals, LLC. If I have any questions or concerns about operating the golf cart or if my guest or I have caused any damage to the golf cart or others through the use of the golf cart. I agree to examine and inspect the safety and mechanical condition of the golf cart, reporting any concerns or problems before driving the vehicle. 
  • 4. I understand that a golf cart is subject to the same laws and regulations pertaining to motor vehicles and therefore agree that the golf cart will be operated in accordance with the laws of the State of Florida and the city of New Port Richey, including but not limited to the requirement that persons driving the golf cart must not be under the influence of alcohol and/or illegal drugs. I agree that I, or any of my passengers, will not have open containers of alcohol while the golf cart is in use. I further agree that I personally will be responsible for all moving and/or parking violations issued to said cart while it is in my possession, under my control, or at any time during the rental period. I further agree that the law prohibits me from using the golf cart on high volume traffic roads and highways of which are prohibited according to the ordinances put in place by the City of New Port Richey.
  • 5. I agree that ONLY persons who are 21 years or older, possess a valid driver’s license, and automobile insurance as required by law shall be permitted to drive the golf cart. 
  • 6. I agree that the privilege of using the golf cart can be revoked without notice by New Port Richey Golf Cart Rentals, LLC., in their sole discretion, for any violation of this agreement. I further agree I shall not be entitled any rental refund or deposit for such revocation of privilege. 
  • 7. I understand that if the golf cart should become inoperable through no fault of mine, New Port Richey Golf Cart Rentals, LLC. will take reasonable steps to have the vehicle repaired. In the event the golf cart can not be repaired or replaced, a refund will be issued towards the unused rental agreement period. 
  • 8. I understand that failure to charge the cart or maintain the appropriate amount of gas which results in the cart being inoperable that this will incur a fee at my expense for towing it back to the property of the business. I understand that if I lose any keys or rental add ons I will be subject to charge for replacements. I understand that I am responsible to upkeep the maintenance of the golf cart and I will return it with a full tank of gas just as I received it. I understand that upon initial booking or completion of the rental period, I may elect to have the business refill the golf cart with gas for a convenience fee, at the owner’s discretion. 
  • 9. I shall pay New Port Richey Golf Cart Rentals, LLC., upon demand, rental fees for the equipment at the rates determined by the company before use of the golf cart. I agree that my card may be put on file until I return the golf cart and it is determined to have no damages to the vehicle or any rented add ons, as well as any citations received while operating it. Daily rates will apply if the equipment is kept after the scheduled return date. All days including weekends and holidays are chargeable.