How to use Bluetooth and Add-ons:

Both golf carts are equipped with Bluetooth speakers for music. They are also equipped with cell phone caddies to use your cell phone hands-free while operating.

Desert Fox Cell Phone Caddy:

Located on the driver’s side at eye level is a cell phone caddy. This caddy is meant to fit most smartphones. You can adjust the fit with two knobs located on the back and top of the caddy. Just be sure that your phone is snug and secure before you start your journey. Once adjusted to your phone, simply slide it in to use. Remember, New Port Richey Cart Cart Rentals is not responsible for any damaged, stolen, or lost property.

Gas Golf Cart Bluetooth Speaker:

The gas golf cart has a built-in Bluetooth speaker. When you turn the ignition, you should hear a chime. That first chime indicates that the speaker is on. To connect, enable Bluetooth on your cell phone and pair it to: “MILBT-19-0889.” After connecting successfully, you will hear the speaker make another chime. That chime indicates that you are connected. Play music, etc. on your phone, and enjoy.

Electric Golf Cart Bluetooth Speaker:

The electric golf cart has a portable, rechargeable Bluetooth speaker that can be attached to the roof supports of the golf cart. The golf cart will come equipped with this fully charged and attached. If you are renting overnight, a charger will be provided. This speaker is secured with a simple clamp-style mount. Simply turn the knob until secured; just be sure to fasten it tightly to avoid it falling loose. To turn it on, press and hold the power button until you hear a chime informing you it is on. Then, enable Bluetooth on your cell phone and pair it with: “Ampcaddy.” You should hear another chime indicating that you are connected. Play music, etc. on your phone, and enjoy. Remember, you are responsible for any stolen, damaged, or lost property during your rental period which includes the speaker and charger.

Please be courteous in residential areas and throughout the city when playing music; be mindful of certain volumes at certain times of the day.

Starting the Golf Cart:

To turn on the golf cart, put the key in the ignition and turn it to the right. Below the seat, there is a gear shift lever that reads: “F-N-R.” This stands for FORWARD, NEUTRAL, and REVERSE. With your foot on the brake, switch the gear into the position desired. Slowly, put your foot on the gas (the pedal marked “GO”) to get a feel for the acceleration before taking off.

When in reverse, the golf cart will chime indicating to the driver and others that the cart is backing up. To brake, use the brake pedal marked “STOP.” When parking the golf cart, initiate the parking brake by pressing down on the pedal marked “PARK” on the upper left corner of the brake pedal. This will ensure that the cart doesn’t roll when parked.

Please note, unlike a car, golf cart steering wheels are not self-centering and will need to be manually returned to the center after a turn.

Driving the Golf Cart:

Always drive the golf cart with care and caution. Although each cart only reaches about 16-20 MPH, ride carefully through the neighborhoods and abide by all traffic laws. Comply with all traffic signs and posted speed limits and only drive on permitted streets as indicated by the map provided. Make sure to use the turn signals provided and remember, pedestrians have the right of way.

Lights and Signals:

Just as you would use on a car, golf carts also have brake lights, turn signals, and headlights. When making a left or right turn, use the corresponding turn signal as required by traffic laws. The turn signals are activated using the lever on the left side of the steering wheel. Unlike a car, the signal does not turn off after the turn is completed and will need to be manually returned to the middle position. On the dash, to the right of the driver, is a pull-style switch for the headlights. At dusk, remember to pull the switch to turn on the headlights. Push the switch back in to turn the headlights off. Remember to do so when parked to avoid wasting the batteries.

Safety Equipment:

Our golf carts are fully equipped with all necessary safety equipment that you are expected to use. Both the front and back seats have seatbelts and children are required to use them. For easier boarding, grab bars on the roof of the golf cart are installed.

Always use the rearview mirrors for safe navigation, which are located on both sides of the golf cart, and when necessary, use the horn (a button) located on the turning signal lever. All golf carts are fitted with reflectors for visibility at night.

Use of Storage Spaces:

All golf carts have locking storage space in the front dashboard of the golf cart. To open, use the provided key, turn, and press the button while gently pulling the door toward you.

The gas golf cart has a storage space in the rear under the seats as well. This is also accessed by inserting the key, turning, and pressing the button while pulling the door toward you.

How to Charge (electric cart only):

The electric golf cart has an onboard charger. This means the charger is permanently attached to the cart and travels with you. The charger is located underneath the rear seat of the golf cart. To charge, simply pull up to a standard outlet and plug in. If you are too far from an outlet and need an extension cord, an appropriate cord is provided. Please do not use your own extension cord as the proper amperage is very important and using the wrong cord may result in damage to the golf cart or outlet.

How to Fill Gas Tank (gas cart only):

To fill the gas tank, first, turn off and exit the golf cart. Then, pull the front seat up. The seat will pull away from the backrest. Under the seat, you will see the golf cart motor with a lid marked for gas. Unscrew the lid of the tank labeled “GAS” and fill it with regular, unleaded gasoline. Then, screw the lid back on snugly. Be careful not to spill gas anywhere on the golf cart or the engine. Return the seat to its original position.

Below are the only accessible gas stations within the permitted roadways:

  • My Fuel located at 6208 Grand Blvd.
  • 7-11 located at 6328 US-19.

Parking the Golf Cart:

Golf carts must follow the same laws as cars when parking. Do not park illegally anywhere in the city or in residential areas. There are marked parking spots throughout the city dedicated to golf carts only, but be sure to make room for two carts when parking in a normal parking space on the street.

Always use the parking brake, turn the golf cart off, and take out the key when leaving the vehicle. To use the parking brake, push down on the pedal marked “PARK” on the brake to lock the golf cart in place. Always use the provided lock to safeguard the golf cart when unattended.

How to Lock and Secure Golf Cart:

Always lock and secure the golf cart when leaving it unattended to deter theft. To lock, turn the steering wheel all the way to the left or right. Put the key in the utility lock to open and slide the bars apart. Thread the lock through the holes in the steering wheel and through the roof support on the driver’s side above the window. Place the key back into the lock and turn it to secure. Pull the key out and push the lock together to tighten. To open it, simply use the key and slide it apart. Store the utility lock in the dash when not in use.